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INTRO – (Hello my name is Andres Morin Lopez and I will be presenting the news)
8-page News’s report

Andres Morin
Lloyd W. Gaddis
GOVT 2305
International issue #1
Paris to sue FOX news for attacking the city’s honor and image with their anti-Muslim statements in waking of recent terrorist attack.
In her first international interview after the terrorist attack , Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo announced the city would sue Fox news
The result of the network’s Anti-Muslims statements following the attack, they kept repeating the claims of what they called “no go zones in Europe
The No go zones did ban non-Muslims they said and were governed by Sharia Law
After the claims Fox news issued both a correction and apology for their statements
International issue # 2

Yemen’s President has no, control as Houthi rebels storm palace
Houthi’s took control of the presidential palace, After heavy fighting between government forces and the rebels Houthis left nine people dead and 67 others injured, before both sides agreed to a ceasefire.
Osama Sari, senior media adviser to the Houthi movement in Yemen, said Houthis detained bin Mubarak because the President wanted to introduce a new constitution without the Houthis' approval.

The Houthis people have been watching the palace and have yet to move in anywhere else as of now it has been a stalemate

National Issue #1
New privacy concerns over government’s health care website, is prompting renewed concerns about privacy.
Washington- The government's health insurance website is quietly passing along consumers' personal data to outside websites.
Therefore putting in danger for many consumers who are signing up the coverage of their healthcare.
President Barack Obama is calling for stronger cybersecurity protections for people who are giving their information to keep them out of danger.

National issue # 2
Supreme Court to Rule on Whether Muslim Inmate Can Wear Beard

The U.S. Supreme Court gave a handwritten petition from an Arkansas prisoner Monday, agreeing to decide whether banning beards in prison violates an inmate's religious freedom.
The person argues, and forces inmates to either obey their religious beliefs and face disciplinary action or violate those beliefs in order to the grooming policy.
The state argues that allowing inmates to grow beards can lead to violence when prison barbers are accused of trimming hair to short
However last fall, the Supreme Court gave Mr. Holt's permission to have a half-inch long beard while he worked its way through the court process.

State Issue # 1
Greg Abbott sworn in as Texas' first new governor since 2000
Republican Greg Abbott was been sworn in as Texas as new governor in 14 years and promised the state will remain conservative.

The new governor said he will ease traffic woes

And the assuage water-storage that gives fear to a state that has the population growing every year and suffers from droughts.

Also to reinforce our teachers with much better assistance to the veterans
Abbot vowed to secure the Texas and Mexico border and fund the security the highest extent.

State issue # 2
New Sticker rule for Texas

The Texas Vehicle Inspection And Registration Stickers Are Partnering Up!
A state program called Two steps ,