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Wal­Mart Essay I believe Wal­Mart is bad for the overall socioeconomic health of America. Many people can disagree with my statement and in fact favor Wal­Mart. There are several examples that shows Wal­Mart isn't what it seems to be. Articles about Wal­Mart and the documentary “Is Wal­Mart Good for America” shows the cons Wal­Mart has on society.The arguments over if Wal­Mart is good for society or not is getting more and more serious.
The common person who just shops at Wal­Mart just sees all the good aspects of the store. Without full consideration people can just say Wal­Mart is good. For most of the people, the bad aspects of the store don't really affect them.They just see it as a place to buy their goods and go home.If people actually took the time to know what really went on in the company, their feelings about the place would change.
Today,the nations largest company and number one employer would have
Americans believe its good for society.The name is described as a stark and overpowering symbol of the emerging economic order. Since the company is so widespread, it is a main cause of running small companies out of business and the disappearance of solid middle class jobs. The small companies cant compete with the brand name or the low prices Wal­Mart offers.It takes away the diversity of stores and opportunity for people who wants a business.
Many employees have filed suits against the company alleging a variety of illegal workplace conduct. They have collaborated with community activists,business owners, religious leaders and politicians to challenge Wal­Mart. They wish to be the obstacles in
Wal Mart's plan and challenge its presumptions. They also wish to cease the growth
Wal­Mart has had over the years.
Wal­Mart shows themselves as a strong competitor and a safe family business, but they're just hiding the facts. Workers earn poverty level wages, health insurance and other benefits are inadequate. Also workplace control is excessively authoritarian and high turnover means dissatisfaction within the business.For example if a full time employee puts in 40­hours a week, they have an income of $18,850 for a family of four.
People either have no health insurance at all, piggy back on the plan of their partner or rely on Medicaid. As you can see workers are not treated right. The company just uses for work and probably wont care if they quit or not. Probably the only reason workers still stay, is because they have no choice or for a another reason.

Between 1998­2003, frustrated union activists filed 45 unfair labor complaints. It said Wal­Mart illegally fired,harassed and violated collective bargaining law during union campaigns. Wal­Mart also has been hiring illegal immigrants, not paying overtime workers who were forced to