GMAT CAT (computer-adaptive test)

The computer-based GMAT is what is termed a �computer-adaptive� test. This means that within the verbal and quantitative sections not all students will see the same questions.

How the computer-adaptive test works

First questions of moderate difficulty level are presented. If the student answers correctly, harder questions will be offered. If the student answers incorrectly, the difficulty level of the next few questions will drop. The exact algorithm is not available, but the test logic also involves ensuring that the candidate gets a balance of question types to fulfill the requirements of the test. Unlike paper-based tests, students cannot go back to previous questions; once an answer has been selected and confirmed, it is final.

Experimental questions

During the GMAT test some experimental questions will be presented to the student. These questions will not be identified. They can occur at various points in the test and do not count toward the final score. They are used to evaluate questions for future versions of the test.

Next steps

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