GMAT Integrated Reasoning Practice Test 02

1. Mr As average (arithmetic mean) annual expenditure for the four-year period from year 8 through year 11 was close to dollars.

If net income is defined as income minus expenditure, the difference between Mr As net income in years four and nine is close to dollars.

The difference between Mr As income and expenditure was less than five thousand dollars in the years shown

2. Survivorship curves show percent survival in a species or population as a function of age. In these curves the x-axis represents fraction of the maximum life-span for the species. Curve C represents a situation where individuals born in that population have an equal likelihood of dying at any age.

If the lifespan for species A is ten years, the probability that an individual will survive for more than 3 years after birth is percent.

Curve best represents a population of rabbits in which 50percent die in the first quarter of the lifespan, but after the first quarter have an approximately equal chance of dying at any age.

3. The graph shows the results of an investigation to determine the relationship (if any) between leaf area and exposure to light for two species of plant. The plants were grown under identical conditions apart from the light intensity to which they were exposed. The points on the graph represent the average leaf areas for twenty full-grown leaves at each level of light exposure.

A scientist could best conclude that for Species A there is correlation between leaf area and light intensity.

The light intensity that apparently results in the greatest difference in leaf areas between the two species is units.

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