GMAT Integrated Reasoning Practice Test 03

The table shows statistics relating to visitors to a certain website from nine geographical regions. (Click the column headers to sort if required)


True False  
The region with the median rank for number of visits also has the median rank for in the percent new visits category
The five regions that account for the greatest number of pages per visit also are the same five regions that account for the top five greatest average visit durations
The average (arithmetic mean) number of pages viewed per visit is less than 7


True False  
A plot of pages/visit against average visit duration would show no evidence of correlation between these parameters
Visitors from Northern America and Northern Europe spend on average less than one minute per page viewed

3. Refer to the table above

True False  
In the Fiction sci-fi category over the 25-years depicted in the table the ratio of new titles by female authors to those by male authors is 1:6
The average (arithmetic mean) number of titles published each five-year period in the category Fiction - Historical is 8.6
The total number of new titles published in period 5 is greater than the total number of new titles published in period 1

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Q 3 questions

Time 8 minutes

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