GMAT Integrated Reasoning Practice Test 04

Set 1: Red, Blue, Yellow
Set 2: Pink, Turquoise, Orange
Set 3: Purple, Green, Brown
Set 4: Black, White, Silver

A certain company is launching three new products. Color schemes for the packaging are to be selected from colors in the four sets above. Four different colors are needed for each product. For each color scheme, not more than two colors can be selected from one set and colors from not more than three sets can be used.

The first three colors selected for each of the products are

Product 1 Product 2 Product 3
Yellow Blue Green
Pink White Silver
Silver Red Turquoise

Select a color that could be used for the fourth color for all three products. Select a color that could not be used as the fourth color for any of the products.

Could not be used Could be used  

A taxi service charges a base fare of $5, and a rate of $M per mile for the first 10 miles. Thereafter the rate is $0.5M per mile. There is also a charge of $3 per suitcase. Students traveling from and to the local college get a twenty percent discount on the mileage rates. A is a teacher traveling a distance of 8 miles with one suitcase. B is a student traveling 30 miles with two suitcases from the college to the station.

Select the expression for the difference between the amounts paid by A and B in dollars, and for the amount paid by A in dollars.

Difference Amount paid by A  
8(1 + M)
3 + 8M
3 + 16M
11 + 16M
3(1 + 8M)

Test information

Q 2 questions

Time 6 minutes

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