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“A & P” is a story about three girls who wear bathing suit enter the grocery store where the author worked as a cashier who totally attracted by the girls. The awkward moment raised reader’s interest because the place is not the suitable place to wearing only bathing suit due to the place has a distance from beach. Moreover, the confliction between Sammy, the author, and Lengel, the manager, gave more tension to the reader. The conflicts showed that versus of young generation and old generation. In the end, the story ended up when Sammy quit the job in front of the manager who embarrassed the girls, by occurring reader’s curiosity to the next scene between the author and girls. In this essay I will explain how the story attracted reader with describing people and situation with using 3 literature elements

At the beginning of the story, the author, as a story teller, described the fascinating moment with exhilaration that how the author completely attracted by alluring bikini girls. The girls are the important literature elements; they present sexy young charming girls who are represented fascination. For instance, from the description about girls’ presentation, he compares the ranges of their beauty with eyes of typical 20 years old young guy who is typically interested in opposite sex. He decribes to the reader how they were pretty, which one was the most pretty, and how did people around them react to their bare skin outfit. Moreover, in paragraph 6, the humorous and exaggerated conversation with his co-worker, Stokesie, reflects that how their appearance was shocking and attracting him, even he is a married person.

The friction with manager gives reader tension to the story, especially the fact that his status as Sunday school teacher, and he knows his parents in a certain level makes him as a perfect barrier to the author. In paragraph 9 to12, the manager brake the author’s dreamy moment by scolding bikini girls as he described as the sad part of the story. The existing of the manager is not only a barrier of his dream, is also a barrier of his reality when the author quit his job because he angry about the manager’s act against bikini girls.

The place as a public space is the important elements for the confliction that gives excitement to the reader. For