1.03 Pirate or Puritan Essay

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Suriya Ensign
English III
June 10, 2013
1.03 Pirate or Puritan

Part I Bradford, a colonial legion, came to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. He led the small colony of folks with little help. He was a chief magistrate (leading the justice system), he acted as high judge, treasurer and to top it off he was presiding over the deliberations of the General Court, the legislature of the community. He served thirty-one terms as governor between 1622 and 1656; the top man of the Plymouth colony for his time. But, in 1627 he and four others were led into the colony’s debt to the merchants who helped finance their immigration in return for a monopoly of the fur trading and fish industries; they ended up only able to retire the debt until 1648, and at a great personal expense. Bradford began to put together his two-volume Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620 - 1647, one of the most important early series of the settlement of New England. Lacking the dogmatic temper and religious enthusiasm of the Puritans of the Great Migration, Bradford steered a middle course for Plymouth Colony between the Holy Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the tolerant secular community of Rhode Island.
Part II Option One Arr! Those damned Puritans cannot be compared the the life of us Pirates! Most of those men that say their ‘classy’ are always loaded to the gunnells, those lubbers wear their long clothes looking like a bunch of loons! We got a few land-lubber to go on account for us! The few landsman still are groggy and getting their sea legs but their coming along! You can’t compare our jolly roger to those damned Puritans, their jack flag is absolutely loony. So one night we were coming into the port to drop off some booty for the land-lubbers (who give us a lot of loot for it) and you’ll never guess what my eyes came upon! Those Puritans set