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1. The basic elements of music are Pitch, Rhythm, Dynamics, Form and Melody.
2. The definition of Pitch is the rate of occurrence of sound, and how it goes along with or how it’s relatable to the highness or lowness of a tone that we hear in that or with that sound.
3. Syncopation basically is a technique that involves rhythm and is when an accent is shifted or moved to a weaker beat of a bar. Many different types of music that use or are examples of music that this topic pertains or includes are ska, dub, reggae, rap, jazz, and metal.
4. Three different forms are concerto, sonata, and a symphony. A concerto is a piece of one or more soloists and a multiple sectioned orchestra with 2 or more movements that contrast. A sonata is a composition of one or two different instruments and in three or four different movements at the same time. A symphony is a musical composition where a full orchestra with 4 movements and one of them is in a sonata form.
5. Musical form means or refers to the structure of any piece of music while also shows the layout of a composition.

Critical Thinking Questions
1. Music communicates different things that people can at any age or musical experience. It communicates and comes from feelings like love, frustration, hatred, friendship, commerce, marriage, separation, unity and confusion. Music is a very powerful force that can separate people or bring them together in many ways and in different places. It can be used to change your mind or make it remain the same. Music has even been used as money for goods and services. A professional musician rarely needs money. He just performs, and he's got whatever he wants.
2. Musical Notation is important because it allows a person to write down something they have composed, which in my opinion is how music is created, and it also allows a