Double Journal

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Taylor Galleo
Lancaster and Rouse
English I Period 2
11 September 14

FRICTION: Double Journal Entry

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Textual Evidence
(CCSS 9.1)


Cover/Book Jacket

E.R. Frank
“A piercing, unforgettable novel!” Top notch publishers like
Booklist enjoy FRICTION.
“Tim wants to know, and it’s hard to explain. Simon did not do what Stacy claims!”

E.R. Frank ­ author, book is an amazing story that even the most popular book review enjoys, and gets attention from teens, a new teacher gets himself in a tough situation where someone claims he did things he didn’t do, with a student

11 September 14 Chapter 16
5th para.

“Even if the content of someone’s lie seems like it’s a pure lie, there may be something real in it somewhere.” The author provided this quote to inform that even if a person seems like they’re
100% lying, even if you prositive that they are, there could be just a tiny bit of truth to it. This quote has an informal and simple format, due to the structure and the words he uses; he doesn’t really use very educated, large words.

12 September 14 Chapter 16
2nd para.

“It’s the reason for the lie that part 2, this carries into the gives us a clue as to where quote before this, which the truth is.” causes it to be informal, due to the uneducated wording, it provides a statement that lies may be hiding something that needed to be found and that the reason for that lie is to undertsand the truth.

15 September 14 Chapter 13
2nd para.

“Come on John’s!” their coach yells. “That was a girl!” In the middle of a soccer game, girls against guys, the coach yells at one of the boys about how a girl stole the ball from him, mainly making the guys feel surperior.

22 September 14 Chapter 15
2nd para.

“But people do lie to us, and we have to figure out how to know the truth for ourselves or how to handle it when we can’t do that. We have to look at the facts of things, at all sides of things. Including all sides of people’s lies.”

Words of wisdom from a mother to a daughter, explaining how we get lied to all the time but it’s up to us to decide if the lie will effect our lives and it’s our decision to believe the lie or to deny it.

23 September 14 Chapter 18
1st para.

“Especially beacuse, even though her lies were the sickest ones ive ever heard, even though she pulled my hair that time, Stacy was nice, underneath all that.”

I think this part is definitely significant because even though someone may lie straight to your face or has done things you may not like, they could still be generous people and can still