1800 Revolution Essay

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Erica Johnson
The Second Revolution
Homburg 6th

The presidency of Thomas Jefferson was a second revolution. There were major changes in the government of the U.S., including the switch from a once federalist government to a new democratic/republican government.
During the federalist John Adams presidency, there was a strong central government, which restricted the states' power, there were excise/tariffs duties, the first on whiskey and the latter on imported goods, and there were the Alien and Sediction Acts. The duties and restricted power did not sit well with the Americans. John Adams vice president was Thomas Jefferson, who did not agree with Adams and his federalist ways. Jefferson and Adams were usually disagreeing with the politics of the U.S. though Jefferson and Adams both respected another and were able to compromise on certain affairs such as the Compromise of 1790. The federalist party in general were like the British in their governing ways
The election of 1800 was lost by Adams and won by Jefferson. Jefferson was a democrat/republican, who had new political views for the government. During Jefferson's presidency he attacked the federalist policies, eliminating the excise/tariff duties on whiskey and imported goods, and declared that the Alien and Sediction Acts unconstitutional. Unlike the federalist Alexander Hamilton, Jefferson did not like national debt, and throughout his presidency he paid down half the nation’s debt. Jefferson also gave the north more strength because his republican rule favored them. In 1808 Jefferson abolished slave trade, which did not affect the north as