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Arianna Veland The Revolution of 1800 Revolution is a word that entails “complete” change, yet did the Revolution of 1800 instill complete change? When the Revolutionary war ended, American leaders were given the opportunity to set up a new nation based on new ideals, values, and an entirely new culture. The election of 1800 was a major turning point for America. A bitter battle between Federalist John
Adams, and Republican Thomas Jefferson, produced a tie that resulted in Jefferson becoming president,, with Vice President Aaron Burr by his side. Fortunately the passing of power was very peaceful, therefore sparking the start of a long­lasting democratic­republican government.
The election of 1800 was appropriately named The “Revolution of 1800” due to the extreme changes in economic power, and the government transfer from one political party to another.
The election of 1800 marked the start of economic prosperity in the United States. Being the first president to take role s his party leader, Jefferson implemented many new rules. To start off, Jefferson believed that “debt only brings high taxes and government corruption.” Because of this belief, Jefferson sought to reduce government expenses and pay down the debt. By lowering government expenses, massive cuts in the military spending were designated. This split the navy in half. Jefferson also wanted to diminish the activities of the federal government. He urged the congress to repeal all direct taxes, including the tax that triggered The Whiskey Rebellion in
1794. This proved his concern for the well­being of the agrarian farmer sect of the population.
INcome sources such as tariffs and sale of western lands thrived throughout Jefferson’s presidency. By repealing taxes, reducing the size of the military, and curtailing government

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expenses, Jefferson almost cut the country's debt in half. In addition to Jefferson changing the economic sector of American life, he also altered political factions.
After Thomas Jefferson won the presidential election of 1800, there were many political issues commenced in his first term. In 1803, Jefferson acquired the Louisiana Purchase from
Napoleon for $15 million. This doubled the size of America, and gave typical people the chance to enhance their economic opportunities. Citizens who