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JA KE , TR E N T E N , JO E , J A ME S, E VA N


The Trammps


Bee Gee’s


Lynyrd skynyrd

Don McLean


Some of the most famous T.V. shows of the 70’s were
• “Happy days: a sitcom that aired from 1974 to 1984 on ABC. Created by Garry Marshall, the series showcased an idealized vision of life in mid-1950s to mid-1960s America.
• Adam-12: a television police drama which followed two police officers of the Los Angeles Police
Department, Pete Malloy and Jim Reed, as they patrolled the streets of Los Angeles in their patrol unit,
• The Brady Bunch: a 1970s sitcom aired from 1969 to 1974 on ABC centered around the daily lives of newly blended Brady family.
• Hawaii five-0:a police procedural drama series set in Hawaii that aired for twelve seasons from 1968 to
1980 The show featured a fictional state police unit run by Detective Steve McGarrett, portrayed by Jack
Lord. The theme music composed by Morton Stevens became especially popular. Most episodes would end with McGarrett instructing his subordinate to "Book 'em, Danno" sometimes specifying a charge such as "murder one."
• M*A*S*H: a medical-military-comedy series, adapted from the 1970 feature film MASH that follows a team of doctors and support staff stationed at the "4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" in Uijeongbu,
South Korea, during the Korean War. M*A*S*H's theme song featured an instrumental version of the song "Suicide Is Painless", which also appears in the original film.”

Richard Nixon
• 37th president of US
• Ended fighting in Vietnam
• Implicated in Watergate scandal, became first president of the US ever to resign from office
• Granted full pardon by Gerald Ford
• 1913-1994, in office 1969-74

Gerald Ford
• 38th president of the US
• Granted Nixon full pardon
• 1913-2006, in office 1974-1977

Jimmy Carter
• 39th president of US
• Organized peace treaties in Panama and Israel and eased relations with the Soviet Union
• Won Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for “lifetime achievement in human rights
• 1944-present, in office 1977-81

George Lucas
• Influential filmmaker best known for creating the Star
Wars series
• Also made Indiana Jones, American Graffiti, and Red
• 1944-present

Henry Kissinger
• American politician best known for organizing Vietnam treaty • Won Nobel prize for secret negotiations in Vietnam
• 1923-present

Jerry Falwell
• Baptist minister
• Founded Liberty university and Lynchburg Christian academy • Best known for entry into politics in 1979; formed conservative organization “Moral Majority”
• 1933-2007

Important Events of the 1970s
Watergate scandal
-Five men were arrested for breaking into Democratic party offices in the Watergate complex in
Washington D.C. They were hired by Nixon’s reelection committee to spy on the Democrats. The White
House paid the burglar to keep quiet about it, but eventually the word got out. The witness, John Deary said at the hearings that Nixon had tapes of conversations in his office. Nixon had to submit the types.
Nixon conspired to cover up the burglary. He resigned on August 9th, 1974.
The Bicentennial Celebration
-The Bicentennial Celebration occurred on 1976, marking 200 years as a nation. It honored the 200 years since the Declaration of independence was signed. People gathered together and
Celebrated their pride in being an American.
Roe v. Wade