1st Amendment Speech

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On September 25, 1789, the United States rightfully established the First Amendment. This may just be the most important amendment of them all. The freedom of speech: making it illegal to prohibit the expresssion of anyone’s opinions, no matter how absurd. How wonderful!
Feelings? Who cares! Completely disregard any feelings you could potentially harm in speaking your uncensored opinions. If you want to go ahead and use a few vulgar words about how absolutely fantastic your ex best friend is right in front of grandma, be my guest! I’m sure she’ll understand. After all, you’re only speaking your mind. Or, perhaps you would like to tell your girlfriend how absolutely god awful that shirt looks on her! I think she’ll really appreciate the honesty. Ultimately, you’re rescuing her from having another fashion catastrophe, and more importantly, she’ll look even
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Does it really matter if an innocent seven year old overhears an in depth description of a sexually explicit R rated movie? He’ll probably have some questions but they’ll thank you later. You just saved them the trouble of attempting to find the “right” time to bring up the birds and the bees. Now is as good as ever. He’ll be much more knowledgeable than the rest of his peers, and certainly won’t be surprised when he gets the dreaded “talk” in health!
If it’s prejudice, even better! You should always voice these judgemental opinions because almost 100% of the time, you’re right. Sure, that kid over there with the glasses is a nerd. And the African American teenager probably just stole. And that white girl totally just went and bought a caramel macchiato double shot something or other. Oh, and the captain of the football team certainly has the same IQ as a brick.
It is also a good idea to voice these opinions directly to the recipient. They will most definitely value and admire the courage it took to point out the truth, just in case they forgot bigotry was still