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202- Produce business documents
1.1- The learner can: explain the requirements for:
a. Language-
Language within a business document is important because it outlines the formality of the document subject. For Example if someone was to receive a letter with casual language and abbreviations then they might assume that the letter is not as important as it could potentially be. However if a letter was written in formal way; with proper English then the importance of the subject might be put across in the correct way.

b. Tone-
The tone in a business document also has great importance because if the writing in our business documents does not have the correct tone for the purpose then we might not be taken seriously as a business. For example if we were to give out complaint forms that were asking inappropriate questions or questions that were not taking their incident seriously then they in turn would not take us seriously and would think that we are unprofessional.

c. Image-
One important image that can be used in business documents is our company logo. If we were to give out or send out documents with no logo on then people wouldn’t know that it was from us and if they did it wouldn’t look very official. Putting our logo on our business documents show people that we are a professional business and we are to be taken seriously. Also the formatting and size of our logo on the documents is important because if we were to give out documents with stretched out, poorly formatted images then the presentation of our documents wouldn’t look very good.

d. Presentation-
Presentation of our documents should always be to a high standard because if people were to receive our documents with poor presentation then their interest might fade. Having documents that are presented in an appropriate way makes the company look professional and legitimate.

1.2- Explain how to integrate images into documents.
In order to put images into our business documents we copy the image off our computer and then go on to paste it into our documents. The main image type that we use is our logo in which we have a pre-saved document that has a header containing the logo.

1.3- Describe how Corporate identity impacts upon document production
Corporate identity is the overall image of an organisation or firm or business in the minds of an assorted public, such as customers and investors and employees. So our corporate identity impacts our document production because it means that we have to put our logo and details on: letters, business cards, and notices. This is so that our organisation becomes widely recognised and people know that our business is well branded.

1.4- Explain the requirements of:
a. Data Protection
The Data Protection Act dictates how your personal information is used by organisations, businesses or even by the government. Everyone that is responsible for using data has to follow very strict rules and guidelines that are called ‘data protection principles’. The data that they use must be used in a way that is both fair and lawful, used for specifically stated purposes, shouldn’t be used excessively, they must have accurate data, the data that they have shouldn’t be kept for longer than is absolutely necessary and should also be kept safe and secure, and shouldn’t be transferred outside of the UK without adequate protection.

There is stronger legal protection for more sensitive information