208 health and safety part 2 Essay

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208 health and safety part 2

7.1 Identify hazardous substances that may be found in the social care setting

Cleaning material are some of the hazardous substances such as disinfectant this can have a bad effect on the skin and is an irritant bleach is another one , clinical waste and bodily waste are also included in this these should be emptied on a regular basis and the bin washed out that the bag has been in. Medicines are another and must be locked away at all times so nobody who doesnt have permission should not be able to get hold of them.

Describe safe practices for storing hazardous substances

You must make sure all hazardous substances are locked away and the key kept in a very safe place. All bottles and containers should be properly labelled so that no body can mistake what is in the bottle or container. You must also make sure any product whether it is cleaning products or medicines should be kept at the right tempreture at all times.

Describe safe practices for using hazardous substances

Any hazardous substances should at all times be handled with great care, you must make sure you read the label properly, and you must never mix substances as this can cause horrendous gases from the products which can be very dangerous. You must always wear the right clothing or protection that is required by the different substances as some can seep into the skin or the fumes can be breathed in. If you do have a accident or think something is wrong with the product you must report it at once and if caused injury you must put it in the accident book and get the treatment required straightaway.

Describe safe practices for disposing hazardous substances

If working in a care home or residential home there should be a COSHH protection file with all the rules of how to dispose of any substances that are hazardous such as making sure clinical waste should always be dispossed of in the yellow bags which have markings on them and should always be sealed. Needles and sharps should always be put in the yellow sharps box and out of date or not used medication should always be sent back to the pharmacy. You must always make a point of finding out all the policies and ways of doing these things properly.

Outline procedures to be followed in the social care setting to prevent Fire

There are several things that can be done to prevent Fire One of the main things is make sure all electrical equipment is checked on a regular basis, do not smoke in the building if people do want to smoke make sure there is a room or certain place designated for this so that it is kept in one place. Make sure all fire doors are kept closed and not propped open. A lot of things can prevent fire and most of them is common sense like having a fire guard round a fire to make sure if it spits out it wont go on a carpet and set fire, having fire resistant furniture and accessories all help to prevent this also make sure you read the manual on fire where ever you are working.

Outline the procedures to be followed in the social care setting to prevent Gas Leak

Always have gas appliances and pipes checked regularly gas is a very dangerous ellement and should be treat with respect at all times . Allways make sure you have turned a appliance of after use and make sure you know how to use it properly in the first place. You should never take risks with gas at any time. If you do happen to smell gas and think there is a leak no matter how small always ring the appropriate people straightaway.

Outline the procedures to be followed in the social care setting to prevent Floods

With so much pipework and plumbing in care homes it is very hard not to have the odd accident but by doing checks on a constant basis in all the rooms this will help make sure the sinks and toilets are not leaking, check baths and showers regularly, Make sure you know where the stop taps are in the building, make sure all taps are turned off properly