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Micah Henry 12/10/2014
Music History and Appreciation

Throughout my music history class I have learned allot more about classical music then I thought I knew. I started to learn the in-depth aspects of the music and began to appreciate it allot more. I understood that in its time classical music is all they knew, there were no I pods and laptops to listen to music. Classical was much more appreciated back then because that was really the only source of music they had to listen to.
Like all types of music its created threw someone’s inner self with the hope for their music to be heard and loved by the world. 20th century classical music takes on a new approach because now nobody wants to sit down and watch a 40 minute performance because people aren’t accustomed to it, but a way that 20th century has made a huge impact is on films because although nobody wants to actually listen to classical music because of the newer types of music like R&B and Rock.
20th century classical music is irrelevant unless it’s being used as background music because the birth of better music has come and the same feeling someone could get from listening to a classical piece that could take about 40 minutes someone could get the same feeling from a pop song that may last for about 3 minutes.
Each generation moves faster than the last we get bored easy, so the quality of a nice long 20th century classical peace wouldn’t be as appreciated as it should be. It is out of touch because this kind of