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There is a variety of music genres that emerged from the music sung and played by the slaves during the Civil War, that we still listen to and enjoy today. Some of the genres that have emerged and have caught on over the years for example are Jazz, Blues, and Gospel music. They have not only shaped the music industry but have also affected the people from prior generations, to our generation, and many generations more to come. “ Anchoring the sounds of African America, these styles underlay the musical innovations of the century: jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, soul and hip hop”("The Blues and Gospel Music - America's Music." The Blues and Gospel Music - America's Music. Tribeca Film Institute, n.d. Web.).

One popular genre that originated from slavery is Jazz and it’s the basis of most of the music we listen to today. Although its roots seem to be traced back to centuries prior, the 20th century seemed to be the big kickoff for Jazz. It originated in the deep south of the United States. But each region in the US had their own spin on jazz music. For example, in New Orleans they had what they called “Dixieland Jazz”, or the first form of Jazz, which had a fast tempo and was extremely popular. Dixieland Jazz influences all different types of musicians today, from hip-hop artists, to rock, to latin, and pop. “The influence of Jazz is truly remarkable, whether directly or indirectly, many forms of popular music today such as: Reggae, Classical, Rock, Latin, Pop, are all heavily influenced by it. Even some of today's so-called Modern R&B artists incorporate Jazz into their