4 Stroke Engines Auto Essay

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4 stroke engines

Explain how poorly maintained fuel systems can have an effect on the vehicle owner.

Poorly maintained fuel systems can create a number of problems
Including contaminated fuel reaching engine components resulting in damage to the fuel system, reduce performance, increased operating costs, poor fuel economy, increased emitions (pollution) and breakdowns.

The fuel system is designed to provide fuel to the engine that it requires for combustion leading to a transfer in energy to the cars drive train and movement.

Problems include poor reliability, reduce performance, increased operating costs, poor fuel economy, increased emotions( pollution) and breakdowns.

The fuel system consists of a number of key components these include fuel tank, fuel line, fuel pump, fuel strainer, fuel filter, carburetor or fuel injectors. Its primary role is to provide a consistant and reliable supply of fuel to the engine under a range of driving conditions.

Fuel systems are a critical component of the vehicle. In order for the fuel system to work effectively it must be correctly maintained. A Range of issues are associated with poorly maintained fuel systems including:

Poor reliability, Reduce performance,
Increased operating costs,
Poor fuel economy,
Increased emissions (pollution)
Safety issues

In order to avoid these issues a maitmence program should be in place. Such programs are usually outlined by the vehicle manufacture and based on a combination of time, distance traveled and or conditions. For example a manufacturer may specify a fuel filter change every six months or 15,000 kilometers which ever occurs first and more regularly in dust conditions. Fuel maitmence would usually include some or all of the following:

Tank flushing
Fuel line inspection or replacement
Fuel pump servicing
Strainer cleaning
Fuel filter cleaning or replacement
Carburetor or fuel injector servicing.

There is a direct relationship between a poorly matanintaned fuel system and effects on the owner. For example failure to change a fuel filter at the stipulated interval can lead to contaminate fuel moving from the tank through the fuel system, which in turn could cause damage to components such as injectors and carburetors. This will lead to reduced engine performance, reliability and higher fuel usage resulting in higher running costs and repair bills. Additionally it could lead to environmental impacts such as increased emissions of polluting gases.

Discuss the use of bearings in engines.

A Bearing is a component found throughout engines in various forms. Its key role is to reduce friction between moving surfaces…