4 Types of Research Theories Essay examples

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CRJS430 – 1104A – 01 Unit 1 IP

Charlotte Cordova

October 6, 2011

American Intercontinental University


In this paper, I will discuss the four types of research theories – deductive, inductive, grounded, and axiomatic. I will also discuss why and how these theories are used, and which is the most relevant, or most important. I will discuss the differences and similarities in theory and hypothesis. I will also discuss variables, and why they are important components of theoretical research.

Four Types of Research Theories When doing research, it is important to first have your idea, or subject you will be researching. Once you have chosen the subject, then the research begins. There are so many places to
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However, because the process requires a lot of expertise from the researcher, this method is not recommended for novice researchers and they should avoid this method of research. (essortment, 2011). Axiomatic research is when reliable and predictable evaluations can be obtained. Scientific points are used to make research predict exactly what will happen. One example of this is Newton’s Theory of Gravity. Scientific methods were used to determine what would happen to the apple when it fell. Scientifically, this could always be predicted to happen when researching gravity. (Thompson, 2006).

I feel that the type of subject being researched, would determine which type of research method should be used. I do not feel that one theory is better than the other. I do feel that one type may be used more often than another, simply because of the type of research being done, and different researchers study differently and may prefer one method over another. I also feel that time, money, personal feelings, and resources also determine why or how a researcher conducts his research, and what method they choose to use.
Theory and Hypothesis The main difference between theories and hypothesis, is that a theory is formed from a hypothesis, after the facts have been studied. A hypothesis is more of an idea, and a theory is based on facts. Theories are established principles used to explain something and are extensively tested. A hypothesis