Role of Research in Knowledge Generation Essay

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Research is committed to creating knowledge that is relevant to policy issues, and engaging stakeholders in the translation of research for effective and innovative changes in policies. By critically assessing and synthesizing research findings, hence provide authoritative and relevant perspective for decision makers. Several classifications of research will be examined in oder to exhaust their role in knowledge generation.

Fundamental Research
The main purpose of these types of research is to obtain empirical data which can be used to formulate, expand or evaluate a theory. It is not actually directed in design or purpose towards the solution of practical problems. The main aim is to expand the frontiers of knowledge
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Man uses the scientific thinking as a source of evidence, in his current intellectual equipment for solving the mysteries of life and nature. Empiricism is to search for the truth, to establish the truth and provide evidence for the truth. In order to make research work more scientific, all sources of errors and inaccuracies must be avoided. Therefore the following steps of activities making up the process of scientific thinking employed in research work must be followed logically.

1. Location and definition of a problem case in a topic statement and a question from.
2. Survey of past experiences with the problem, previous investigations and already recorded and available data on the topic to get ideas about past and possible future solution and method of investigation.
3. The formulation of hypotheses to represent tentative solution to the problem under investigation, and to be employed as a guide in the collection of additional data.
4. The mental elaboration of the hypotheses. That is checking for agreement with facts, verifiability and logical consistency.
6. The