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To:Mark Johnson
CC:Corporate Office; Branch Management
From:Scott Roush
Employees of Initech,
With this new Security Protocol Training needing to be implemented to all employees at a central location, resources and a reasonable budget needs to be considered. These points will be covered within today’s memo:
Adding cost estimates to our resources (both labor and material)
Adds estimates for all task duration and sequencing of tasks (including precedence relations)
Summarizing any relevant facts about the project duration, number of type of resources, critical task sequencing, and how duration estimates were arrived at
Each Human Resource manager at each branch will work with its employees to arrange travel arrangements to the Phoenix, Arizona location. Since the employees at the phoenix branch don’t have to make any travel arrangements, the human resources department at the phoenix branch will work in accordance with the other branch HR reps and help with the transition of getting employees over to the Phoenix, Arizona branch to participate in the new security protocol training. Here are some of the cost estimates in regards to the resources for the training:
Plane tickets to arrive at Phoenix, Arizona site (From $300 to $850, depending on which branch employee is coming from)
Lunch for employees during training seminar (catered lunch needing to feed 500+ people over 2 day span, which could range from $3000-$5000)
Cost of any training materials (presentation packets, notebooks, writing tools, whiteboards, nametags/badges, laptops, etc.... Cost ranging from $4000-$6000)
If everything goes as planned, the training should not take longer than 2 days. Everything needs to go smoothly so that people that