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Shanic Martinez Eng-101-12 October 25, 2011 Building Blocks of a Relationship
A philosopher once said, “Honesty is the best policy.” Due to the many relationships that are either saved or diminished based on honesty alone, I agree with this philosopher. Honesty is the backbone of a relationship. If one isn’t being honest with the other party involved then a relationship can never blossom. Personal experience has demonstrated that honesty is essential to a successful relationship.
My friendship with Mellissa has thought me that a lack of honesty can diminish a relationship. Early in the relationship, we decided to work together on a book report. Because I was unsure of the proper method, I decided to show my friend my outline for my book report. When I didn’t get any response from her I knew that this relationship was starting to fall apart. I later discovered that during our presentation, that she stole my one of my idea without giving me credit. Afterwards I confronted her about her report and hoping that she would admit to plagiarizing my idea. She immediately denied and was confused as to how I came to that conclusion. Needless to say, the relationship ended. I now pay much more attention to who I decide to spend my time with. It is hard to trust people when they aren’t being honest about their true intentions. One might observe that Melisa had a façade the entire time that I was acquainted with her.
My relationship with my cousin Christina clearly shows how honesty strengthened our relationship. Three years ago I was invited to a party at my cousin’s friend’s house. Due to the fact that I have never seen my cousin outside of family gathering, I was also shocked to see my cousin engaging in illegal activities. When I saw her holding a small white cigarette that looked like marijuana, I didn’t even know who she was. Quickly passing it to her friend she begged me not to tell her mother knowing she would be heavily reprimanded. I told her I wouldn’t say a word under the conditions that she stops smoking. But when her mother confronted me about her daughter’s recent activities, I couldn’t keep quiet and let her destroy her life. After a brief outburst of emotion, my cousin was latter thankful for my honesty that told some one. This particular relationship has shown me that in order to save a relationship sometime one has to be honest for that person. As a result my relationship with my cousin has grown even stronger. One might observe that honesty has led to me being a source of strength for my cousin.
My relationship with my mother has demonstrated the importance of honesty in a relationship. One weekend, I decide to go against my