70s Musical Influence

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70´s musical influence: The 70's was a very influential decade in music. All this because of its constant developing music scene and how all genres interacted in those years drawing influence from one genre to another. Basically, advances and musical changes made in this decade, are now the base of a lot of musical genres.
The 70s are characterized by the creation of new musical movements, these are; the punk, reggae and the one that had the most important influence was disco music. It was popularized in party halls (nightclubs). Disc culture was generally about breaking stereotypes that caused people to feel shame, now it was not just a single species dancing, the album was a dance many adopted; African Americans, homosexuals,
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And with the music and their styles, people started dressing like their idols.
We think that the music in 80´s transmitted a very superficial message, maybe because of the conflicts between USA and Russia, we don't know exactly why. They dressed and acted like something they weren't. A clear example of these is Michael Jackson pretending to be a white person.
90´s musical influence: This decade meant a big growth in every genre, more for the rock genre creating new genres like alternative rock and grunge. This last two genres made a big change in people's fashion, influencing to wear darker clothes.
This decade was more about expressing your real feelings. Groups like Nirvana talked about their own feelings and personal problems expressing them in the letter of their songs.

We think that music nowadays is focusing or walking in way to dehumanize music. Now, the most popular music, is the one that usually talks about sex and denigrate other people, an example of these is the famous “Reggaeton”, almost all songs of these genre says that women are objects. Another example of our theory is the nature of the music now, it's electronic and made by computer unlike other