A Brief Note On Computer Networking

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Computer networking is a linking of the network devices and computers with

A computer network can be interconnected with the UTP/STP cables, coaxial cables, fiber optics and wirelessly through the radio waves.
The common topologies include star, hub, mesh, hybrid and ring. Star topology is the most common topology in Ethernet based local area network.

One of these specialized standards and agree up ways is known as protocols. TCP/IP is the protocol suite that contains the multiple communication protocols such as TCP, IP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, LDAP, PPP, Telnet and many others.

TCP/IP works together and it is the most common communication protocol for the LAN, WAN and internet.
The communications on the internet is based on the IP addresses, which is a part of the TCP/IP stack. No computer on the internet or in the LAN/MAN/WAN can communicate without a unique IP address.

Networking and data communications provides the flexibility, easy of work and communications with each other and today every kind of business in the world, which involves more than one computer, require a computer network. * Every computer requires a unique LAN card, which should be properly installed and configured. * Ethernet cable with the RJ-45 connectors at both ends. * A Router/Switch or hub.
The other devices are bridges, transceivers, terminal servers and gateways and they can be setup according to your requirements.
There are three main types of the computer network i.e. LAN, MAN, WAN, CAN, GAN and PAN and each network either be a peer to peer or client server network.

DHCP, DNS, FTP and internet access.
To communicate with the other computer, each computer should support the same protocol and the TCP/IP is the most commonly used protocol in a computer network.

Class A
The binary address for the class A starts with 0. The range of the IP addresses in the class A is