A Brief Note On Human Resource Management

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Human resource management is the strategic approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets in the achievement of the objectives of the business. Discussion made over the past few weeks about different situations of a human resource manager. These discussions such as a new study says employee tobacco use can lead to absenteeism, lost productivity, smoking breaks and health care expenditures , Shake Down in Mexico, 35 injured in a school bus crash and wireless name a top work place in Silicon Valley for 2013. The one that stands out to me is Silicon Valley because it shows the good aspect of being a Human Resource Manager.
Although many great topics were discussed over the weeks. The four that are captured here sum up the perception, reality and difficulty of being a human resource manager. Human resource is a key to the success of a company by keeping in connection with the organization's objectives and business strategies. Human resource maintains a healthy work environment between company policies and individuals. Human resource management focuses on securing, maintaining, and utilizing an effective work force, which organizations cannot survive without. Human resource management can also be described as the relationship between the employer and the employee. There are basic functions all managers perform which are planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. These represent what is often called the management process. Staffing, personnel management, or human resource management is the function for the organization to focus on today's workforce environment. It includes activities like recruiting, selecting, training, compensating, appraising, and developing. These functions are sometimes clouded by the belief that a HR manger is the bad person and often noticed when the carrying out of the enforcement of a policy that sometimes leads into termination.
This may be true, HR manager is more of a preventive measure that helps control environment and help personnel through training and other interaction before termination. A manger must possess strong leadership and ethics qualities, this allows a person to make the discussion in which sometimes is not popular. For example, the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control estimated cigarette smoking was responsible for $193 billion in annual, health-related economic losses in America -- about $96 billion in direct medical costs and an additional $97 billion in lost productivity. A new study has broken down the yearly costs associated with hiring a smoker compared with a nonsmoker. According to researchers at Ohio State University, U.S. businesses pay an additional $6,000 or so annually per smoker due to factors like absenteeism, lost productivity, smoking breaks and health care costs. Thereby creating an unpopular situation for managers to screen smokers before hiring, which creates a challenge for managers to uphold policy and avoid possible discrimination lawsuit.
In the second moodle case, the HR manager’s ethics and leadership might be tested. In this case, Mexico police officers engaging in unfair practices gave the agency an unwanted negative press release. A woman steps on a public bus with nothing but a purse in hand. A police check point finds marijuana under her seat. The woman and her husband get arrested. The husband is released to allow him to go and obtain $5000.00 for the release of his wife. Quid Pro Quo is a known unwanted practice in a company. The news became known all across the world providing a human resource problem for the government agency. This case, being part of a cultural that existed for a long time in Mexico, requires a Human Resource Manger to break status quo and do their part to ensure all employees are making good ethical decisions while representing the company in public. This is why selecting the right employee for the job is so important. A person’s performance on the job always reflects on the person that