A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

Words: 269
Pages: 2

The proposal is very simple. Its is not rocket science to figure out and to see people and their children suffer. The number of hungry children on the streets on increases more and more every day as we speak. The mothers are forced to stay home to take care of the kids instead of working, but during this time it was also very hard for women to find jobs because of the prejudice. Furthermore, Jonathan Swift proposed a plan, more so, a solution. Instead of spending a bunch of money trying to feed families, shall we eat them instead? He proposes that eating these children will solve the hunger problems in the country. It will also prevent abortions and keep from spending on their necessities. So what's better than saving money? Exchanging children for food. Swift proposes that we should put the children to good use rather than letting them rot and hungry in the streets. The solution to this issue is proposed. …show more content…
He sets up examples that helped build his proposal. It was very interesting to read because it was so different and it was a bizarre idea in the first place. A few drawbacks were that he seemed a bit heartless and ignorant. In any occasion, you must always think about how others feel in situations regarding their children. Other than that he was very descriptive and even persuasive at most. The proposal made some sense because of the context he was