A Renaissance Man

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I am a very unique person. I have had many experiences and opportunities that many people have not. I would consider myself a Renaissance Man. As a Renaissance Man I have many characteristics that will aid me in being a great student at Ohio University. I feel that dedication is immensely important to being successful in life. If you do not try, then how will you know the great things that are awaiting you? Ever since I was a young boy, my mother and brother have been my biggest supporters, they have always encouraged me to dream big and to never let anything stand in the way of my dreams. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be an aerospace engineer. I have faced adversity in several times in high school, that have caused me to …show more content…
I knew volunteering helped to positively impact others, but it has had a colossal impact on my life both through volunteering for others and others volunteering for me. Volunteering is a very important component to our society today. Volunteers make a difference in people's lives from day-to-day. I remember the first time I volunteered, it was for an organization I am a part of, the Cincinnati Super Choir, and we were putting on a block part for the neighborhood. I was tasked with being a message runner. At first I wasn't exactly thrilled to be tasked with something so menial and tiresome. I thought I would be doing that all evening while everyone else was having loads of fun. It actually turned out great, it was fantastic to be able to see people of different backgrounds come together and find common ground to have fun. I realized even the smallest of jobs are important to the big picture. This was the catalyst to my passion for volunteering. Volunteering can change a person's life for the best. As a college student I have already made plans to volunteer as much as my time possible doing community service. As a student at Ohio University, I will be getting involved in several community service organizations. I have already set a goal to do at least 8 hours of community service a month in college. As a student at Ohio University, I will exemplify these OMSAR Student Centered Goals everyday. I will work hard to continue my academic, leadership, and volunteer success that I have had through high school. I feel that I am exactly what Ohio University is looking for in a student. It would be an honor for me to receive the John Newton Templeton