A Review On Hollaback

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Ashley Coleman
Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hollaback/hollaback

The purpose of the text is to persuade people to support a mobile app called hollaback. Hollaback is app that brings awareness to street harassment and assault through a mobile application. This application is dedicated mainly for woman to link together to support each other and put a stop to street violence. Street violence is a very high gender based crime that seems to go unnoticed. The author of this project wants to gain more supporters so this mobile app can be possible. Hollaback website has been a success already the author explains that each time a survivor shares their story on their site it is view over 1000 times, and they have confidence in the mobile application as well. I also believe another purpose of the text is to inform the people that could possibly make a difference like, state law makers, legislatores. These people could help with passing the bill so hollaback could be worldwide application on phones and make a stronger effort so harassment against people would be look at more seriously. Like harsher punishments and more awareness to this crime. The article explains how street harassment is one of the most persuasive forms a violence against woman and one of the least legislated against. Hopefully this mobile application can make a difference. The primary audience seems to be victims or simply whoever will listen. Woman is another big audience to this text since they are targeted the most when it comes to this kind of street crime. Gaining more supporters brings a greater awareness to this problem. Paragraph two in the article explains that if they can get more female supporters that are willing to share their stories and pictures it can help break the ongoing silence and help to stop this crime. I believe the author gain a close relationship with the audience. She definitely gains a close relationship with me and keeps me interest to know more about the hollaback movement. The article makes me want to support the movement. I…