Is Concentration And Career Analysis

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IS Concentration and Career Analysis

Introduction Coming from a family that owns a small business, I decided to pursue a degree in business administration with concentration in management and marketing. By the time I graduated from college, I realized how important it is to implement information technology into a small business like ours. Our competitors have created online shopping websites which result in increasing sales and expanding territories. It would be cost insufficient for us to hire a professional firm to build our website and maintain it. I start thinking why not doing it myself and that is why I am here in DePaul College of Computing and Digital Media. After some research, I decided to join E-Commerce Technology
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Without their Analysts, their relationship can become more and more counterproductive, until one department overshadows the other. Employees in both departments will become frustrated, tired, and overworked for no reason. This waste of manpower, resources, and productivity could bring down the whole company if someone, such as a Business/Systems Analyst, doesn't restore a productive flow of communication .
Business Analyst/ Systems Analyst Values For the most part, business people and programmers have very different personalities. To be a good Business and Systems Analyst, understanding both sides requires interpersonal skills, communication skills, patience and being able to adapt quickly. Business and Systems Analysis also demands outstanding critical thinking abilities, which can for some be an inherent skill. For others, it is a skill that is exercised and expanded greatly during the education process, especially in graduate school. A great Systems Analyst can use their logical thinking abilities during a project to see the big picture and at the same time concentrate on small details. It is essential to the business to have exceptional communication skills, which is usually more typical of a Business Analyst, but required to be a good Systems Analyst as well. Graduates in Business or English, degrees that concentrate on verbal and written communication, will sometimes become a Systems Analyst. Combining the communication skills of a Business