A Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By Florence Kelley

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In the original essay, I analyzed Kelley's ability to establish credibility and her use of emotional appeal. I examined the tone in which she addressed the audience and her vast knowledge of the child workforce system to determine that Florence Kelley was extremely qualified to make the assertions she made. I also reviewed the way she played with the audience’s emotions to make them more likely to listen to her claims. I choose these two points as the focus of my essay because they were the first two techniques that caught my eye. As I read the speech over a few times, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, but these two topics had been mentioned in the notes I had previously taken, and seemed like a reasonable basis for an essay. This was the first rhetorical analysis I have ever written, so it is rather weak. However, the paper does contain a few strengths that are worth noting. I feel that I did a decent job incorporating quotes and evidence from the speech into the essay. I tried to make sure that my arguments were based in fact, not hypothetical situations. Also, the structure, while …show more content…
I noticed that all three samples mentioned where Florence Kelley originally delivered the speech, a fact I omitted from my essay. This context added to each argument. The first essay really understood the prompt and made use of many quotations. The analysis was almost perfect, as it thoroughly explained the importance of each aspect of their argument. The second sample was also pretty strong, but the analysis was not as specific. The third essay didn’t really seem to address the prompt in the correct manner. Reading these essays has presented me with a slightly clearer image of what a rhetorical analysis is and how to properly execute one. I recognize the importance of careful and specific analysis, and now know what terms to avoid in my