A Serial Killer: A Short Story

Words: 823
Pages: 4

One night Sam and Dean walk into a motel room. They are investigating a death in Chicago, Illinois. A young woman was found hung in an old house. Sam sits down by the window and plays with the curtain. The smooth yet rough curtain. Dean said to Sam, “ Do you think this is something in our line of work?” Sam shrugs his shoulders.
“ I don’t know. Dad sent us here, maybe it’s something in our line of work. I mean, a girl, with no history of suicidal thoughts, found hung in an old house. It’s a very plausible possibility.” Sam countered. Sam opened his computer and searched the history of the house. Sam clicks on a link about the old house. “ Found something!”
“ What is it?” Dean asked.
“ In 1927 a man and his two daughters were murdered in their
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Twenty two years of age. No immediate relatives. Boyfriend found her.” Dean said once he found the information. Sam was looking for the names of the father and two daughters. So far, Sam found nothing. After an hour Sam found a newspaper article on the murder.
“ Father’s name was Thomas Miller. Daughters were Alisha and Jessica. Mother died just after Jessica was born. Alisha was 13 when she died. Jessica was 7. Thomas was 45 when he died. Nothing about the actual murder other than what we already know.” Sam told Dean. Sam looked in his bag. He grabbed a nice silk shirt. He put it on with a black jacket. He grabbed his fake FBI badge. “ Are you coming?” Sam asked Dean. Dean nodded and got his badge. They got into the Impala. They drove to the police station. When they got out of the car, they went inside and went to the front
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You will be talking to Lieutenant Weber.” The officer said. Sam and Dean followed him. They got to an office and the officer knocked on the door. From inside they heard a ‘come in.’ They followed the officer inside. Sitting at a desk was a young man, probably around 30 years old. The officer left and left us with Lieutenant Weber.
“ So, you’re with the FBI?” He said.
“ Yes, sir.” Sam said. He nodded at them to sit down. Sam and Dean sat down in the chairs. Lieutenant Weber looked at them.
“ So, why did the FBI get involved with a possible suicide case?” Lieutenant Weber asked.
“ Some of us think it may not be a suicide. We were sent to check it out.” Dean said. Lieutenant Weber nodded and took out a file. He handed it to them.
“ Here is all you need to know about the Catalina case.” Lieutenant Weber said. Sam took it. They stood up and started walking out the door.
“ Thank you Lieutenant.” Sam said. They walked out the door. They nodded to the officer at the desk. When they got to the Impala, they got in and went to an ice cream shop. They walked in and walked up to the counter. The ice cream shop had pale yellow walls. It looked like it hadn’t been remodeled since the 1960’s.
“ What can I get you boys?” The worker