Essay on ART 108 Assignment 1

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Assignment 1
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1. How does the word Renaissance reflect the changes in the world of art during the time period discussed in Chapter 12? The word Renaissance, the French word for “rebirth”, denotes a selfconscious revival of interest in ancient Greek and Roman texts and culture that is reflected in the work of most of the artists.
2. How does Nicola Pisano in the Pulpit, Pisa Baptistry show the influence of Roman style? The
Nicola Pisano in the Pulpit, Pisa Baptistry provides a good example of the Roman heritage in
Italian medieval art that shows the influence of Etruscan and Roman Tomb Effigies.
3. Who was the last great Byzantine painter? Describe the influence of the
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The Black Death caused some people to either returned or clung to the church even harder or they left the church and “live for the day”.
11. Discuss Cimabue’s and Giotto’s Madonna Enthroned paintings. Compare and contrast the styles represented. Be sure to include details about the difference in the treatment of form, space, pattern, rendering, halos, angels, and draperies. They both have thrones but in Giotto's painting he has Byzantine gold backgrounds, and flat, round halos whereas Cimabue's throne rises in an irrational, unknown space. In contrast to Cimabue's long, thin, elegant figures,
Giotto's are bulky, with draperies that correspond convincingly to organic form and that obey the law of gravity. Giotto figures created a three-dimensional space that seems to turn and move as in nature. Whereas Cimabue uses lines of gold to emphasize Mary's drapery folds, Giotto's folds are rendered by shading.
12. In the 14th century what happened to the literacy of the population? How did this effect the explosion of classical revival? How would this have affected art? The population increased, and work of literature dealt more and more with art and artists, bringing their achievements to a wider public, because of this the effect on the classical revival, rivals the ancients revivals.
13. What was the Saint Francis cult? How did Giotto show this in his work Stigmatization of
Saint Francis? Saint Francis cult was one of the most prominent in Italy. It was a strict