Abc Inc. Case Study for Student Analysis Essay example

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ABC Inc. Case Study
Ryan Fagen
University of Phoenix
[ May 14, 2010 ]
Michael Millis

ABC Inc. Case Study for Student Analysis

Even though postponing the orientation will allow the recruiting department the time to obtain all the necessary documents, receive the results from all drug screens, ensure all training materials are in hand, and the onsite training room would be available reducing any additional costs to the company, the issues can be overcome and with some adjustments to the process. Additionally the issues can be avoided in the future because Carl is new at his job and lacks the experience needed to complete a large task such as hiring 15 people at one-time. Many other companies and detail oriented processes
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In either case, failure to complete the drug screen in the given amount of time will result in the new hire not being able to attend the orientation and not be extended a job offer. It became apparent that there are only three hard copies of the orientation manual and each has some pages missing. By looking at all three copies Carl may be able to combine and complete a copy that he can then send to the print store or to the in-house print department if ABC Inc. is so equipped. Carl might ask the facilitator for the orientation to develop a PowerPoint version of the manual, helping ABC Inc. to move in a green direction and save the company money in the areas of printing. Finding out what kind of budget Carl has to prepare the proper training materials for new hires is a vital component to making the appropriate decision in this issue. If Carl is not allowed a budget he has to be resourceful and find frugal ways to ensure the training materials will be available to all new hires at the orientation, in either situation the issue can be overcome and should not prohibit the orientation from taking place.
In respect to the issue of the training room not being available for the entire month, one option is for ABC Inc. to sign off on a $200-$300 expenditure for the rental of an offsite training room and incidentals for the day (Training To You Inc., 2010). Another option for Carl would be