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Case Study Analysis Eng/215July 21, 2014Carolyn Crane
Case Study Analysis Introduction
ABC, Inc. hired Carl Robins as the new campus recruiter in early April. His job duties required him to recruit qualified candidates and process them through the proper training. Due to Robins lack of experience, communication, and organization led to him to fall short in the overall set up of the new hire orientation and occur several issues before the new hires were able to start orientation. Prioritizing in a timely matter and asking for help when needed would have eliminated many if not all of these issues he has occurred.
In early April Carl Robins recruited and hired fifteen new trainees to work for the Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrols. Robins goal was to have the new hires complete the new employee’s orientation and start work in July. On May 15, Carrols followed up with Robins on the status of the orientation, policy booklets, manuals, mandatory drug screening, and physical. Robins assured that all matters would be handled on time. After the Memorial Day holiday, Robins finds that many of the requirements had not been meet or completed. Many of the applications were incomplete, all of the files were missing transcripts, and many of the new hires did not complete the mandatory drug test. Hoping that were no other issues Robins discovers that he only has three companies of the orientation manual with several pages missing from each manual. When Robins goes to check on the conference room, which he had planned on holding the orientations, he discovers that Joe from technology services had already booked the conference room for the entire month. Robins lack of experience poses a huge problem for him, how is he to resolve all of these issues without looking like he is unable to handle his new position.
Key Problems
The case study exposed several issues with the hire process. Robins could have used more experience and training in order to complete the tasks that are expected of him. Robins first step should have been to verify the completion of the applications then scheduled the mandatory drug screening. Robins other issue was that he did not check on the availability of the conference room and the to check that he had enough manuals for all the new hires. Robins should have spent more time familiarizing himself with the company’s process.
Robins is clearly not qualified for this position and requires more training. A question to ask is did Robins attend a proper orientation? Was he given a sufficient amount of time in training? Did Robins exaggerate his abilities on his application? Another Alternative that Robins could have explored was to be forth coming with Carrols and ask if she could change the orientation date giving him more time to rectify the situation.
Proposed Solutions
Robins first step is to take full responsibility for his actions and to implement a checklist for himself to