Is An Aborted Fetus: Is Not A Living Being?

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Some may say that an aborted fetus is not a living being but they are right only if they abort a fetus before eighteen days because after eighteen days they will start to heart beats (1). A person with heart beats means alive so the fetus is also alive. Not only heart beat but also brain within twenty five days and by eight week the whole body system will be presented. This time baby could “wake and sleep, make a fist, suck his thumb, and get hiccups and also the end of 9 weeks, the baby has his own unique finger prints and at 11-12 weeks, the baby is sensative to heat, touch, light and noise and all body systems are working and weighs about 28g and is 6-7.5 cm long.” (2). Most of this develops before a mother new she is pregnant. So when that person decided to kill the fetus in her she has to remember that she is killing a human being. By aborting a baby a mother is not only killing the baby but killing herself by increasing the chance of breast cancer. When a mother is pregnant the breast cells started dividing and become mature and start to secrete milk. By aborting the natural secretion is interrupted and become immature which will cause breast cancer in future (2). In the book Law of Doctors it says “is that life begins from conception or implantation, and that abortion would therefore constitute murder.” (3). Even the doctors believe that abortion is murdering a human being.
If a person is asked that he or she wants to live or die they would definitely says that they wanted to live until they die naturally. Every person is protected under law to live in this world as long as they want to. “The new person (fetus) conceived is as deserving of the full protection of the law as any other person”(2). The new person also wants to live like others but they are neither been asked nor able to deliver their wish. There is no human who would kill an old human because they do not need her instead he or she will take the old human being to a nursing home or heritage home. Similarly these human beings could give birth to the kid that is growing