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Abortion is to indicate a surgical or even a medical way to end a pregnancy. When it comes to abortion, some people will claim that it is not suitable for any circumstances, especially in ethics; some people will argue that it is an inevitable way to end a pregnancy. In a result, no one can easily judge that whether abortion is a suitable way to stop a pregnancy or “kill a baby”. However, couple should not abort a baby without baby’s permission.

Why against abortion? There are several arguments against abortion, and it can divided by different angle, for example, the moral problem, the safety reason, the harm of relationship, the problem which can affects the third parties.

Starting with the moral problem first. People agreed that abortion is only a personal choice. However, it is not. Johnston claimed abortion totally against God and his creation, because abortion is murder, and there are no exception is allowed, it means no one including God will accept this kind of behaviour, because the God have his plan for everyone. It means if you decide to give up, it is equal to against to the God’s plans. (Johnston,2003)

Besides, Kaczor agreed that everyone must protect life whenever possible. The most important thing of humans is to maintain their life and keep striving for any moment of their lifetime. However, abortion is a behaviour that stops the beating heart of a growing person. And it means it kill a baby who are just arrived to the world without his/her permission. In a result, it is definitely against the most crucial thing of human.(Kaczor 2014)
On the other hand, the safety of abortion is also a big concern. Abortion is unsafe. Compared with any of medical procedures, the abortion industry is greatly unregulated, since abortion is not universally accepted. TEP Student Action (2014) pointed out 347 women were killed by legal abortion since 1973. Furthermore, the National Cancer Institute issued a study lead by Dr. Janet Darling which discovered that there is a relationship between cancer and abortion. “Among women who had been pregnant at least once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50% higher than among other women.” To sum it up, abortion not only kill women who are having the abortion surgery, but also higher the percentage of having a breast cancer, and it is the most dangerous thing of abortion.(Darling,2014)

Abortion can harm women. There are some several ways to harm woman such as, mental, emotional, relational, and physical. Also there are some cases that woman will lose their life in the abortion surgery and when some women will not have pregnant again, and it will increase their miscarriages after the abortion surgery. As a result, abortion may harm women from a variety of forms.(Kaczor ,2014)

Abortion can affect the third parties. Abortion breaks the cycle. In many city of China, there are many beliefs that boy is better that girl. With the progress of medical, family can easily check whether their babies are boy or girl. If abortion is universally accepted, the family who has bias on girl might end a pregnancy if they knew their baby is a girl. If there are a large numbers of this kind of abortion, the number of Chinese girl might be rapidly decrease. (TSA,2014)

Abortion is going to address an abortionist. If you were the abortionist which is a killer of many of innocent babies, do you not regret your cold-blooded behaviour? If you see the innocent blood of our children, what are your feelings? The job of abortionist is end pregnancy everyday, and it means they need to be the killer, and murder the innocent everyone. As a long time, the abortionists will tend to shame on themselves, and have a bad and guilty feelings all the time. As a result, abortion is not only affects couple and their babies, but also affects the third