Abortion: Abortion and Modern Day Holocaust Essay

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A Blessing for Women Unprepared or a Modern Day Holocaust

Imagine, a best friend of yours. Better yet imagine someone that you love, family, like a brother or sister. Now try to imagine a world without them, a world in which they never existed; simply because someone chose to use their legal right to abort their child. It is a woman's right to choose what she does with her body, but should this right be effective, when it is concerning another person’s life? Let’s look at the bright side. Many people are against abortion because of the lives that it takes, but in reality, abortion can save lives. Because there are so many people in our world, we can never make a decision that’s one hundred percent fair for everyone. This world is filled with many different people, with many different circumstances. Because abortion is legal, women who have been raped, or women who have life threatening health risks, can still be responsible for their own lives. It is true that it is wrong to take a life, but wouldn’t it also be wrong to force a woman into risking her own. Although abortion can be positive, it also has a darker side. During the holocaust, the total victims of the Jewish genocide are about 5,750,000. The Nazi also took the lives of millions of other people, like different races, homosexuals, and the disabled. In all, approximately 11 million people were killed during this time. Why is this information relevant? If those numbers were impressive, what about