Eugenics Movement Essay

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Not many know that eugenics was prevalent in America during the 1900's or know how and why it was done. In the early 1900's America sought out to create a healthier and genetically fitter society; by forcibly sterilizing "unfit" citizens, even without consent. Not known by the public this idea was then adopted by the late Hitler himself for the purpose of creating a "perfect" race. Since the start of the eugenics movement it has had many backlashes and is not outlawed in the United States, however there still seems to be traces of eugenics through various organizations that promote contraceptive in today’s modern world.

Eugenics has always thought to been created by the Hitler during World War II to show supremacy of the Aryan race, who were thought to be the perfect race because of their blue eyes and blond hair. However not many know that is practice was well established in the United States years before Hitler used this ideology. I personally thought this was an interesting topic because eugenics is not in regular conversation and would stand out from the typical topics such as drug, abuse, legal issues, etc. Also by doing more research I found that America practiced eugenics before Hitler and thus propelled me to look deeper into history and reason for this movement. By knowing the history behind the eugenics movement I then wanted to know more about if modern day eugenics was practiced.

In this paper I will argue that modern day eugenics is wrong and would be abandoned for the better of the human race. By starting off with background information on the topic the audience will be aware of the past and be able to understand why this is an issue. I will then turn my focus into other countries that have followed this ideology of eugenics. I would like to focus on one hidden past in the eugenics wish involve the Nazi movement. I feel it is important to show the horrible past and ideology of eugenics. The argument will then go into detail of modern day with the argument tying into why modern day eugenics is wrong. I will support this with information from scientific data and primary sources on genetics. Also I will look into groups are pro contraceptive and try to see if there are evidence of eugenics in any way shape or form. I will then further why any form of eugenic will only harm the human races and why it does not help our survival. The sidetracks that I will not be taking is the use of contraceptives it self or anything that pertains to birth in America or other countries. This is not my concern to inform the reader on why giving birth is wrong or right and way to prevent this. I will only focus on the eugenics part and its practices. By exploring eugenics the issue targets to the right as humans to have children regardless of disability, social group, age, sex, etc. As human we have right and with the eugenics movement it limits those natural rights we have. To many that were affected were sterilized and stripped of their human rights. I want to show that this is wrong to govern who should have children and who should not. On the other hand some may argue that only specific groups may have children while others cannot, some arrange that prisoners, or those that have been imprison, should be sterilized to prevent them from having bad children; or that people that are mentally ill should not have children because they could not care for the child and that their child may also have that mental illness. It may seem that those who are for eugenics only want "normal" people to have children.

Eugenics is the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (eugenics.). Since the early 1900’s eugenics ideology was heavily influential in the mass