Abortion: Abortion and National Center Essay

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Arnecillo 6/9/2014 Abortion
Abortion happens multiple times every day; this is why we should shine more light on this issue. Abortion is “the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to being capable of normal growth” (National Center for Health Statistics). Pro life believers do not support the idea of making abortion legal based on personal or religious thoughts. Their selfish decisions have caused over 70 thousand maternal deaths that occur every year because of unsafe abortions. (guttmacher.org) since the safe way to receive an abortion is illegal women are forced to find alternatives, these alternatives can end up costing desperate women their life or injure them forever. Women deserve the privacy and authority to make such an important decision on their own.
Abortion is illegal unless the life of the baby or mother is at risk, certain women will choose and have an illegal abortion. America provides their citizens with various kinds of recourses, but it’s sad to say that the choice of having an abortion isn’t on the list. For many women and families it’s not the right time to support a child. Money is tight and the economy doesn’t seem to be getting better. With these issues on mind of many Americans they refuse to bring a child to the world if the child is going to suffer. Most of the people that are against abortion base their believes and judgment of off their religion or previous knowledge. They never think about the future of the child and the family, if the family is going to have enough to eat or a roof under their head. The long term suffering is never put into consideration. It’s a selfish way to think because you don’t put yourself in the perspective of the person having the child. You don’t understand how hard it is going to be for them, for the rest of their lives. It might seem like abortion is the easy way out but it’s not, it’s the smart solution to various situations.
The female responsible for the growth and care of the fetus is the person that should have the right to the final decision of the abortion. It just sounds absurd for anyone ells but the mother of the child to have input decision whether or not she wants to keep it. There are women that get raped and are forced to have the child because of religious or common beliefs. In these cases the mother has no opinion, other people that aren’t going to be raising this child have the final say. For rape victims this decision does not only harm the child for the rest of their lives because of the lack of affection by the mother or family, but it also harms the mother drastically. Emotionally they are drained, mentally uncap able and physically fatigue. All of these physical and mental conditions lead to self harm and even suicide. How is someone thought out to live under these circumstances? Instead of making safe abortion unreachable it should be made more popular so we can reduce the chances of creating serial killers and reducing crime.
Therefore abortion is unjustified since it is illegal. Women take extremes to have a private at home abortion. “Women themselves or untrained providers use a variety of traditional and often dangerous methods to end an unwanted pregnancy, such as inserting sticks into the vagina, drinking bleach or applying extreme pressure to the abdomen, which often result in severe complications,