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Abortion Abortion has always been a touchy topic. A topic which is not exactly encouraged amongst all cultures for quite some time. In my opinion, abortion is not right and should not take happen, especially now a days with all the medications and other drugs we have. I was raised in a Catholic home and having an abortion is not supported at my church. Life, whether it be inside or outside the womb, is greatly valued and should not be taken away just because someone does not want to have a child at that time or is not able to take care of the child. I feel strongly that if two people, specifically a man and a woman, decide to engage in sexual activity, they should consider the possibility of the woman getting pregnant. You never know what can happen and a discussion regarding the matter should be encouraged. Having a child is expensive and time consuming; if you are not able to provide for your child and give them the time and love that they need, then do not engage in sexual activity. Another person might hold the same viewpoint for the same reasons I listed above. One, abortion might be against their church and religion. Two, life is so fragile and should not be taken away from an unborn child who cannot even talk yet. Thirdly, pregnancy should always be expected and people should take precautions as well as pro-cautions; plan B should be utilized whenever possible to prevent any chances of getting pregnant.
I find the “enemy idea” so objectionable and even dangerous for several reasons. Abortion should not be let off lightly and should be treated as a crime, in my opinion. Anything that has to do with killing or taking away one’s life should be frowned upon unless proved wrong with some ridiculous reasoning. Abortion is killing an innocent little child of God, without any sin whatsoever due to someone’s carelessness. “In Texas, the legal definition of an abortion is the use of any means to terminate the pregnancy of a female known by the attending physician to be pregnant with the intention that the termination of the pregnancy by those means will with reasonable likelihood result in the death of the fetus” (Abortion). The thing that bothers me the most about the subject is that the child does not even have a chance to sin. Also, if the abortion is not preformed the appropriate…