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Abortion has been a controversial subject in many societies through history because of the moral, ethical, practical, and political power issues that surround it. The discussion of abortion has been very debated issue since the Supreme Court case, Roe vs. Wade, in 1973. Since then this court case has divided the country into two sections, Pro- life advocates argue that abortions are just another form of murder and also severe levels of child abuse. Whereas pro- choice advocates believe abortions are an acceptable means to end pregnancies that may not have been wanted for whatever reason. The topic still hangs in the balance throughout society. Abortion is the operation to end a pregnancy by removing a fetus or an embryo from the womb. This topic has been one of the most prominent controversies in the United States. A human’s life is special in all stages and should not be taken away for any reason. The robbing of someone’s life at any point is morally wrong and is a crime according to religion and the law regarding murder. If one cannot assume the responsibilities of taking care of a human until they are able to survive on their own, then intercourse is not recommended. . Abortion is an issue that has been widely debated across the country and even used in some political circumstances; it has been a social phenomenon due to the various views one can have. The topic of abortion, whether you are Pro- life or Pro- choice seems very significant to humanity no matter what side of the fence you stand on. It seems as though the issue has moved from the actual individual person to the population as a whole. It has become a real social problem since now it doesn’t only pertain to the health of the women carrying the fetus but also the psychological environment and aspect of the situation and the great significant the world puts on the circumstance itself, and also that of the family in the situation.
Although abortions have been banned frequently and also been limited by various laws; depends on what state you’re in the legality of abortions differ. Certain laws argue many points so families can communicate more to effectively promote better health and most of all ensure the best interest for minors. Also there are a large percentage of teenage females that aren’t ready to step up to the plate and deal with reality which includes physical and psychological effects after the abortions or possible even keeping the potential child. The young girls who don’t tell their parents that they are pregnant may be considering abortion might be scared or have their own reasons for keeping the child. Some teens might think that abortion is the right way to go and “quick fix” but they’re wrong.
The law argued to protect the young women from hurting there self the states mandatory that free parental consultation is given. There is other ways out besides harming a potential life. There are different types of programs that are confidential will make teens likely to engage in sex. Which make it ok to just get pregnant and do the wrong thing which is abortion.
As of 2008 thirty-six states have adopted laws requiring minors to obtain a consent form, or notify one or both parent before they have an abortion. In an article titled, “Abortions & Minors: An Overview ”, it states how some girls who do not or cannot tell someone about their possible abortion for whatever reason are more likely to place their lives and health at risk by attempting self-induced abortions. If the youth were better informed and perhaps had better family communication it may promote health and wellbeing of the minors. Most teenaged girls are unprepared to deal with the effects of abortions since some are so young are may be oblivious to how their life may later be effected. Typically younger women are unaware of the serious outcomes of this irreversible procedure, little do they know they can die from it or be seriously injured by an