Essay on Abortion: Police and Police Department

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The largest problem with the current system of policing today, are police cruisers. Gone are the days when officers would “walk a beat” during their shift. Strolling from business to business, through residential neighborhoods, talking and having a personal relationship with almost all of the people they protect. Todays’ system of policing is about quick response to a call, or a reactive approach to crime. This is a way of protection that gets away from the personal level with the community. It separates officers and the public which creates tension and distrust. Fortunately, some police departments like Oakland PD have realized the mistake that a reactive approach to crime produces. They are adopting a more proactive philosophy to help return their city to a peaceful place. This new community policing idea takes resources however, and a great deal of involvement and cooperation from the community to be successful. Some of the strategies that the Oakland Police Department will adhere to include more community involvement in crime reduction, gaining input on problem-solving techniques, decreasing the gap between the community and its police department by increasing accessibility and communication between citizens and officers, and finally increasing police accountability. These strategies will improve many aspects of the relationship between the police and the community by giving the members more freedom to be involved in the decision making processes in their neighborhoods, with respect to crime. An excellent product of community policing is the…