Abortion Kills Help Babies Essay

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Megan Millefoglie
English 12
October 28, 2010
Abortion Kills!
Abortion Does Not Make You Unpregnant; It Makes You a Mother of a Dead Baby Abortion for some people is an easy way out for having to raise a child, but in reality, abortion is taking the life of an innocent baby. Some people support abortion while others see the truth of abortion and are against it. The fetus is living when most abortions occur. Some people take abortion pills so that they will not conceive a baby. The procedure for an abortion is horrible! When women get an abortion, it causes them to have many problems. When an abortion procedure begins, the fetus is living. Killing a fetus is just like killing a baby. The only difference is that either the body has not matured much or it is not considered “living” to the government therefore it is not a human or a murder. The fetus is not just some random mass that you can just suck out; it is living. “The justice department of the Supreme Court said in a statement that it ‘will continue to defend the law to protect the innocent new life from partial-birth abortion.’” (Legal Issues; Nebraska Judge Finds Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act Unconstitutional, www.elibrary.bigchalk.com, Women’s Health Weekly, 10/07/10). Some doctors say that, “It is dangerous and unethical for legislatures to dictate specific surgical procedures.” (Letter From Two Obstetrician-Gynecologists Opposing Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, www.ic.galegroup.com, Sandra M. Alters, 10/07/10). It is unethical and dangerous to take an innocent human life. People that are against abortion want to limit access for minors and stop clinics (Wingert, Pat. “The Next Abortion Battle.” Newsweek. 10 Jul. 2000: 24. elibrary. Web. 07 Oct. 2010). If minors do not want a baby, then they should not have sex in the first place. “During the third trimester, the law protects fetus that is ‘viable’ (able to survive outside the womb). This means that the woman’s life or health must be endangered in order to abort the pregnancy” (Abortion Issue, www.elibrary.bigchalk.com, Harvard Sitkoff, 10/07/10). Women should not be able to terminate the pregnancy just because she does not want it. “Lawmakers voted to require a woman seeking an early-term abortion to undergo an ultrasound so she would have the opportunity to see the baby growing inside her while a nurse or doctor explains the images” (Abortion Bill Allows Choice, www.elibrary.bigchalk.com, Tampa Tribune, 10/07/10). “Women need to know more about the development of their unborn child, for example, about the time some abortions take place, an unborn child’s heart has most likely begun to beat” (Abortion Pill is Approved for sale in United States, www.elibrary.bigchalk.com, Scott Gottlieb, 10/07/10). If women knew that most likely, the heart has begun to beat, they might change their minds about losing the baby. One reason that abortion is not good is that, “A growing embryo is considered human with the heartbeats initiating as early as the 21st day of conception. So what if people cannot see the human form, it has the potential to gain one” (Pros and Cons of Abortion, www.Buzzle.com, Dr. Maisie M., 10/07/10). So the fetus is living as soon as the 21st day of contraception, so the abortion is killing a living human baby. In conclusion, many people think that because they do not always see the physical body of the baby, abortion is okay since the fetus is not alive yet. On the contrary, it is alive and it is murder to abort an unborn baby. Instead of going to a clinic for an abortion, women take an “abortion pill” which is taken after sex. This pill is awful; it is like an abortion at home. “One of the most dramatic groups in the right-to-life, or anti-abortion, movement organizes ‘rescues’ at the abortion clinics, where the members of the group protest and often block the entrances” (Abortion Issue, www.elibrary.bigchalk.com, Harvard Sitkoff, 10/07/10). Instead of facing the crowd of people yelling at them,