Essay on Abortion: Pregnancy and Abortion

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Good morning my fellow classmates. I’m happy to have the chance to be standing in front of you to talk about a change that needs to be made and if we as a whole come together, we can not only make a huge impact on the world, but also save innocent lives.
Everyone take a minute to think of a young child in your life that is dear to you, and you love. Now imagine if they weren’t here anymore. With that being said I’m here to talk to all of you about the BIG problem of abortion.
For those of you that don’t know much about this process, abortion is a procedure that can be done while the woman is asleep, or awake. A doctor will remove the pregnancy using narrow forceps passed through the neck of the womb. Also known as the “Vacuum Aspiration”. Or known to most as terminating the pregnancy.
There are 234 abortions per 1,000 live births in the U.S, 1.2 million abortions per year, 3,288 per day, 137 per hour, 9 every 4 minutes and one every 26 seconds. Can you imagine how many babies overall have died from abortion? Most abortions are done for the wrong reasons, and the main causes are irresponsibility and selfishness. THIS is our chance to make those numbers go down, or if we all contributed enough, we could possibly make the numbers disappear completely. One of the options to make that happen, is to donate to, NOEL: The Now, Angelic, For Life charity. This charity is ran by women that have had their own experiences with abortion, and have struggled with it mentally, and physically and they’re trying to keep it from happening to other women and young teens and are also helping the ones that have already gone through it and are in need of being stable, emotionally.
As I am the big cousin to many younger cousins, I couldn’t imagine not having them in my life. I know what it’s like to lose an innocent young life within my family and watching the parents of the dying infant, struggle with the loss and watch it affect them so negatively and take such a huge toll on the family. That is one of the reasons I am here today. I’m here in attempt to hopefully, successfully persuade you in saving the lives of these unique individuals that don’t even get a chance at life, that don’t even get a chance to accomplish something so great that can be remembered. NOEL I feel is very important, not only because it helps saves lives both through helping a struggling teen or woman that has just had an abortion that is now considering suicide, and also saving these unborn gifts of life.
By presenting this speech, I hope to hit a soft spot in your hear that I know deep down everyone has, and hopefully somehow connect to everyone on a different level and find a way to get to you personally.
Sometimes with different situations life gives you, it almost puts you in a place where abortion is a very important option and should actually be thought about. For instance, what if a girl were raped and became pregnant? Would she want to keep the baby, as a constant reminder of that horrific event? Or have an abortion to maybe help, or tear her down even more emotionally. Or maybe the baby, or mother is put in a life or death situation where one might not make it out of the pregnancy, and at times like that, abortion could be appropriate for abortion being an option. But getting an abortion because it was unexpected, and you and your partner were irresponsible, shouldn’t result in you taking the easy way out to try and make that “fixing your mistakes” when all it’s going to do, is create new problems that weren’t there to start with. NOEL has a program where they have an e-mail set up so you can e-mail the head women of the charity to get help and share your stories, this is a couple of them: “immediately after the abortion nothing mattered to me, school or my life. I had very low self-esteem. It was nine years after that first abortion and just three years after the second that I began to realize that all the years of substance abuse, low self-esteem,