Essay on Abortion: Pregnancy and Abortion Procedure

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Abortion On September 11, 2013 it was reported that Remee Jo Lee was slipped abortion pills by her boyfriend. This individuals boyfriend convinced her that she had an infection during her pregnancy. The boyfriend's father is a doctor which is why he was able to forge a signature. Remee thought she was taking pills to cure an infection, these pills were abortion pills given to her by the alleged boyfriend. Mr. Welden age 28 was her boyfriend. He also was required to switch the label in order to deceive her. The access to these pills has become extremely easy in this society. Abortion has been around for several centuries. An abortion is when an individual terminates the pregnancy. Abortion has become the new condom of the twenty first century. Abortion is available to anyone who can afford it since 1973 due to the Roe vs. Wade case. Abortion is an negative aspect that the medical field has made available to citizens. On November 22,2013 I interviewed Ashley Jacksons. She is a student at Middle Georgia State college and holds a very strong opinion on abortion. Ashley is around eighteen years old. Considering her age her opinion was very developed and could sway individuals to acknowledge her point of view. Unlike I Ashley is pro abortion. She believes that woman's rights were fought over for several years and should be upheld. Ms. Jackson also states that the reality of being able to take care of the child should be considered as well. She believes that during the pregnancy an abortion can be useful; especially if there are any detrimental actions that may lead to the death of the mother. Ashley and I began to discuss the mental state of the mother who terminated the child. She states, "it will not be detrimental to the mothers mental stability." She believes that although woman may encounter several negative repercussions it is their decision to encounter them. She believes that woman enter into the situation with the acknowledgement of these issues that lie in the future. This leads her to the several counter arguments discussed. Pregnancies last on average about 9 months. Occasionally pregnancies can last shorter or longer. During this pregnancy the woman is given an option to abort her baby if she wants decides to. She has up until 24 weeks legally to have an abortion. To have an abortion there are not specific requirements. Requirements such as being detrimental to the mother's life, rape, or medical problems the child is foreseen to endure. According to Web MD, about 1.2 million individuals undergo an abortion procedure every year. In few pregnancies some mothers can become severely ill and need to have an abortion performed. This is a mother that does not have a choice to give the baby up for adoption or keep the baby. Also some woman are informed that there child may have defects or may be near death at birth and have the option to terminate the pregnancy. Although this option is occasionally required, sources say only 10 percent of abortions are undergone due to these circumstances. A fetus is the development of a baby. This is a human life that is on its way into the world. Many women feel as if they do not have the money or means to take care of a child. Adoption is a choice that woman can chose as well. Adoption is when a woman can give up her child to a family. A lot of woman look to adopt for several reasons. Some woman are not able to produce a child so they look to adopt and give a child a loving home to be a part of. There are many options a woman can take part in besides abortion that can save many children. Many Americans yell woman rights when they begin to consider abortion. There has been a fight for woman rights since before it could be documented. Although woman's rights increased, individuals felt more was needed. The rights of woman are important and do need to be brought out by society. As I spoke with Ashley, she argues that woman encounter the stress and pain of a child and