Essay on Abortion: Pregnancy and Equal Chance Life

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Sex, some do it to bear children while others do it for pleasure. Though having sex genuinely comes with romance and passion, it also comes with the risk of catching STD's or even pregnancy. When an unplanned pregnancy has emerged, living in a state where abortion law's aren't passed can drastically affect both men and women all over the country.
Not legalizing abortion only benefits the people who dont believe in abortions and also restricts a woman from having control of her body. Having a moral foundation may alter opinions about pro-life versus pro-choice but understanding that most of the alternatives are of benefit to the mother, pro-choice seems to stand on a stronger ground. Legalizing abortion isnt neccesarily the right thing to do but it will save a lot of people time and money.

Pregnancies do a great job with interfering with fixed commitments. Taking up personal time, stressing and pain are all factors included in a womans' pregnancy. States that don't pass abortion law's, force women to have babies, even if they dont want them. The Center for Bio-Ethinical Reform states that "750,000 women between the ages of 15-19 become pregnant every year." In other words, tons of young american woman are becoming pregnant every year and unfortunately some will be legally forced to stay pregnant unless abortion law's are passed. Legalizing abortion would not only allow the mother to satisfy her fixed commitments but it will also save a child from living a meager lifestyle. An unplanned pregnancy is ideally terrifying but it can be even worse when a pregnancy is forced.

According to American Rape Statistics, "Somewhere in America a women is raped every 2 minutes. In other words an unwanted pregnancy is possible every 2 minutes of every day. Rape victims deserve the right to abort a pregnancy just as well as they deserve the right to proceed with one. If a women has already been raped it would be beyond selfish and unhumane to make her keep the baby, thus to raise without a father. Coming from experience, a single parent household isn't always the best. Not only does it affect the child but it also affects the mother because she is then forced to do a "2 person" job by herself. In addition, telling a mother that she can't have an abortion also violates a womens' right to privacy, as well as her equal right to bear children.

The U.S. Government does a fairly good job with protecting it's citizens and constitutional laws. When a person commits a felony, that person has the write to speak freely and be treated to a fair trial, seemingly abortion should be looked at in the same view. The Equal Rights Ammendment clearly states "Quality of rights under the law shall not