Abortion: Pregnancy and Favor Abortion Essay

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Alissa Jordan
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Abortion seems to be the never-ending battle that is talked about constantly in the news. There can never be a middle ground because there can’t be a gray area. Abortion is a black and white controversy, which is why people continue to argue about it. Some say there should be exceptions if a state/country were to make it illegal, but how can one choose what’s an acceptable excuse and what’s not?
In an article posted by Red State, the author discuses abortion vs. the death penalty. According to the article, the typical liberal will oppose the death penalty but favor abortion. Liberals, in general, say that a criminal on death row goes through pain and suffering causing the act to be inhumane. They also believe that an unborn baby cannot feel the pain therefore it does not suffer.
But the same article then shares about how there is a possibility that after the 20th week of a pregnancy, the fetus could feel that pain. With that knowledge, maybe some liberals have changed their point of view, but the battle still remains.
Republicans, as said in an article written by Michael Spenard, typically believe that the death penalty should be legal and abortion should be illegal. They think that a person on death row is there because of his or her own actions, whereas an unborn baby has done no wrong.
Each party’s views seem to be an opposition in itself, does it not? Maybe this could be why some people believe that even after all these years of discussing this hot topic, we as a country are unable to come to an agreement.
Abortion is something that I believe should be illegal. A baby is an innocent, beautiful miracle that deserves every chance to become something great. It doesn’t deserve to be punished for a mistake that it did not make. Isn’t that just like falsely accusing someone, which, by law, is a crime? There are more responsible ways to handle an unwanted pregnancy and I believe that if you are responsible enough to participate in intercourse, you are also responsible for the potential consequences. There is always the option of adoption. There are many people out there who don’t have the option to get pregnant, but would love to raise a child, so why kill a baby when it can be raised by loving parents?
As said in an article written by Matthew Pinto, “…each child has its own unique genetic identity, gender, heartbeat, brain waves, eyes, hands, feet, etc.” The baby is a separate human being from its mother. No person should have the right to take away that human’s life, including its mother. The same article discusses that a women has the right to treat her body any way she chooses, just as men do, but the rights of both men and women are limited when they get in the way of the rights of other people. An abortion involves two people, a mother and a child. In another article posted