Essay Abortion: Pregnancy and Happiness

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Religious Studies 361
“Essay on abortion”
A Guatemalan women name Lisa recently made a live-TV statement saying that abortion is totally misunderstood from most of the female viewpoints. This lady was reported to have gone through the process of abortion several times before ending up with chronic depression that lead her to speak out about it. In her statement she made clear her viewpoint change from: I did it for everyone’s happiness to “the happiness of who?” standpoint and is convinced to educate the whole world on this controversial topic affirming that abortion is completely against the happiness of any human kind.
Do I want this baby? can I afford to raise a child? How will this impact my life? Am ready to be a mother? How is my family going to take this? Those are just some of the questions that came to her mind in 1998 when she first found out she was pregnant. She said the first person she thought about was the baby. Her financial situation was bad since she had not even finish high school. She was not employed, never worked on her life, always depending of from her parents and other relatives. What kind of future is this baby going to have with a mother like me, she wonder herself. After realizing there was no way she could possibly cover the essential financial matters she started considering another options than raising a child.
If my Parents support me they will have to work more that what they already do. This was another sentence that was hitting her head day to day. My Parents were always very supportive with me since they both work so I could have a better future that them she said. My whole childhood was different and better that most other kids from our neighbor hood and all thanks to my hard working parents. I can’t do this to them, she said repetitive times. It won’t be beneficial to them this bay and will cause them more pain than happiness, I can’t do this to my parents. Since I was a child I used to see my mother wash others people clothes, cook food for others, baked bread to sell the neighbors, and all that so she could help my dad paying my school tuition. Moreover my dad had had two jobs ever since I was able to speak. He was the most hard-working dad ever. He did a good job raising me and always giving me the best education possibly and this news were definitely crushing all his happiness.
Furthermore I started thinking about the whole neighbor and other relatives form our family. All the pictures I was getting on my brain were about a whole society disappointed about having one more messed up-17 year old-single pregnant women. It’s not good for society I thought. So I did it and the night dream started. Night to night, after I when to the clinic I heard a voice on my head telling me “Mom please let me leave”. All day long I was