Abortion: Pregnancy and Proper Methods Essay example

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People who get pregnant should go through with having the baby under any circumstances. In history, women were not allowed the option for abortion since it did not exist. God would not approve of such actions. To abort a baby is a sin in his eyes. He placed life into a woman’s uterus for one reason and one reason only. For one to have a baby. Although he does not approve of rape and sees it as bad, the view of having a baby planted inside you is life, and that is a beautiful life that nobody can take away. The proper methods attempting to protect life is using protection and always being careful. Abstinence is always the best choice, especially if the woman isn’t financially stable. Protection is the next best attempt of not becoming pregnant but even then it isn’t one hundred percent. The developing human god implanted into her uterus can cause emotional pain for any mother who chooses abortion.
In spite of abortion, teenagers are not able to support a child, nor do they fully understand how to raise one at such a young age. They are much more likely to leave school; receive inadequate prenatal care; rely on public assistance to raise a child; develop health problems; or end up divorced(10 abortion arguments).A sixteen year old girl invited a guy she had been with over to her house when her parents were not home. They eventually had sex, which they had been planning to do. The couple decided to try the pull out method with no protection. No birth control. No condom. The pull out method is only 96% effective, coming from a child development class. Because the reliance on the pull out method, it unfortunately resulted in pregnancy. The sixteen year old found out that she was pregnant when she tried being placed on birth control and…